Last week, we got a nice change from basic everyday life, when a group of students and teachers from a vocational institute arrived as our guests, to whom we were able to present our company.

The year is coming to an end and it's time to look towards the coming year. On Foretec's Facebook page, you can see a video that summarizes what this year held in terms of our work projects.

A new product was completed in our workshop: a welding/repairing table intended to facilitate car sheet metal welding.

Eurotools has delivered on its promises regarding the quality of the blades.Today, we sent a big pile of blades for chippers and crushers to our customers. The blades are packed in their own boxes and every box is marked with a sticker that tells what size they are and also what brand are them for. This makes it easier for...

Our office dog Hani has recently taken on the responsibility of also acting as a dispatch dog. She examines all our outgoing packages in case there is, for example, a delicious chew bone that accidentally got there. It is said that she does not have any ulterior motives. She thinks purely about the best interests of the client.

Heating issues are becoming topical since the winter frosts are approaching. Fortunately, a batch of pellet boilers arrived today to replenish our stock. So if you need to update your heating equipment for next winter, we have pellet boilers in stock to send right away!

The DREMA trade fair is one of the world's largest events in the field of woodworking machines and tools, as well as furniture industry components.Foretec's dealer Penny Gondek had a stand at the fair where Foretec was also well represented.

Today we sent customer Mini Matic pellet burner.Our Officedog Hani is checking that the product is packed correctly and that its ready to go.