Platinum Bio VG 16 / 24 kW

Platinum Bio VG pellet burner, also suitable for burning industrial quality pellets. Automatic cleaning of the fire bowl, so that possible calcifications can be removed from the fire bowl. Thanks to the movable lower grate of the fire bowl, the product is reliable and easy to clean. Programmable to perform cleaning, for example, every 6 hours.

The fuel is excellently suitable for e.g. industrial grade, ground pellet, etc.

Video of how it works:

With a control center equipped with a versatile touch screen, you can control not only the burner but also the circulating water pump, control valves, etc.

In addition, as standard equipment, the delivery includes a capacitive silo sensor that measures the surface of the fuel silo. If the fuel starts to run out, an alarm will be sent to the control center.

The package includes a control center (connection with a plug to the socket), a 1.5 m long feed screw and a drop pipe between the feed screw and the burner.

We stock 16 and 24 kw Bulbs, other sizes on order. We deliver the product throughout Finland.

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Our selection also includes pellet tanks.