A B O U T   U S

Welcome to the homepage of the production technology professional!

Foretec Oy was founded in 2011. It implements production technology, equipment manufacturing, maintenance, servicing, installations in industry and machine shop operations. Foretec Oy is a young company, but the staff's decades of experience guarantee the customer a reliable and cooperative partner.

Our services include the design and manufacture of conveyors needed in production technology, production efficiency, maintenance and service, and project management. Our product range includes systems needed for energy production, machines and equipment used for chipping energy wood, hammer mills for crushing other materials, their input, output and transfer conveyors, pellet burners and crushers and other equipment and machines needed for recycling. In addition, our selection includes various spare parts, such as blades for chippers, pure chippers and crushers, blade pieces and counter blades, as well as sieves and sieve nets.

In the design work, we use 2D and 3D design programs, so we can be sure of the functionality and suitability of the products. Our goal is to do the design work thoroughly, so that both the manufacturing time at our factory and the installation and commissioning time at the customer's place remain minimal. In addition to design, our operations also include industrial installations.

We take into account in our own manufacturing, and we also require our subcontractors to take into account and fulfill certain criteria and values, such as environmental and climate friendliness.