P R O J E C T   M A N A G E M E N T

Well planned is half done.

    Our services include the design and installation of conveyor lines according to the customer's needs. Line schedules are always planned according to the materials to be transported and other customer resources (such as the space in use).

    In our projects, we make use of the customer's old conveyors by modernizing them whenever possible. Alternatively, we use used conveyors if it is cost-effective.

    Our goal is to do the design work thoroughly, so that the manufacturing time at the machine shop and the installation and commissioning time at the customer's will be kept to a minimum.

    We use various tools for project management, from Excel to 3D-design programs. Our long-term experience in industry, maintenance and installations guarantee the success of the project and the agreed-upon end result for our customer in accordance with the agreed schedules.

    We have successfully completed numerous projects not only in Finland but also in several locations around Europe and in Russia.