G A R A G E  T A B L E

Practical workshop / welding table.

Sturdy and durable frame structure, cover plate thickness 12 mm and different angles and roundings in the corners of the cover plate.

Cover size 800x1480 mm, working height 850 mm, +/- 50 mm.

The cover has holes for a file bench, jig blocks and, in addition, different notches and holes for bending and shaping sheet metal and flat iron.

In the pictures, a "bending device" available as an accessory has been added to the table, which can be used to bend sheet metal with a maximum width of 290 mm and a maximum thickness of 1 mm.

As accessories, a bending device for sheet metal, a set of jig pieces and a sturdy right angle are available.

A really versatile desk for both a professional in the field or a car enthusiast for home use.

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