FT rotary feeders are intended to move and dose all materials in solid form, such as e.g. ash, wood chips and sawdust.

The starting point for the design of the FT rotary feeder has been a functionally reliable and maintenance-free structure. The clearances of the parts to be welded and the deformation caused by them in the welding assembly have been eliminated by using precisely water- and laser-cut parts. When the precision of the components is perfect, the welding pressure in the welding assembly of the frame structure are kept to a minimum.

All FT rotary feeder trunks are heat-treated to remove welding stresses before precision machining, so the temperature increase during use does not affect the shape of the trunk structure. As a result of long practical experience and product development, the rotor blades are at an optimal cutting angle with respect to the counter blade surface, which results in good cutting power even with a low power of the drive motor. In the transfer of certain materials, rotor blades made of rubber or plastic material can also be used, in which case the shut-off feeder is more suitable for some materials, and the price level can be even lower.

Advantages of the FT Rotary Feeder

  • Welding pressure removed by heat treatment
  • Temperature fluctuations do not affect the operation
  • Easy to clean and maintain, all flanges and service hatches with screw fastening
  • Hardened and durable cutting rotor with counter blade
  • Screw-fastened inspection hatches in the cones of the supply and drop side
  • If necessary, drop-off and removal flanges in accordance with the customer's counter-flange dimensioning

Standard accessories of the FT Rotary Feeder

  • Relubricable bearings
  • Hardox 400wings and surface-hardened housing and rotor
  • Own end seals with rotor and shaft
  • A place to install the rotation monitor
  • Flexible bushings in gear motor
  • Compressed air connections at the end and sides of the nest for cleaning
  • Teflon tape sealing of headboards