Blades & knives for customers

Eurotools has delivered on its promises regarding the quality of the blades.

Today, we sent a big pile of blades for chippers and crushers to our customers. The blades are packed in their own boxes and every box is marked with a sticker that tells what size they are and also what brand are them for. This makes it easier for the customer if they order several blades related to the equipment.

We also pay special attention to the packaging of orders. We try to use reusable materials for packaging. In this way, less packaging waste accumulates for the customer, and as a big plus, they can use the packaging materials they receives from us to pack his own shipments. As an example, in the picture below, the shipment is assembled with the help of load tying cloths, which the customer can easily use in their own operations in the future. Circular economy at its best! ūüėä