FT Rotary feeder


FT rotary feeder is designed to transfer and dispense all the materials in solid form, for example, ash, wood chips and sawdust. FT rotary feeder design approach has been reliable and service free structure. Clearances for the welding part, and the deformations due to welding is eliminated by using assembly the water and laser-cut elements to a minimum tolerance of components the frame construction assembly the deformations caused by the welding is eliminated. All FT rotary feeder frames is heat treated before machining so the real-time change in temperature does not affect the design of the frame construction.

Some materials may be used for the transfer of the rubber or plastic material and the rotor blades when the closing operation of the feeder and is a better price is lower

FT Rotary feeder 

  • Welding and machining to the design change eliminated by heat treatment
  • Temperature change does not affect the operation of
  • Easy to clean and maintain, all parts of the screw fastening
  • Reliable sealing graphite shaft sealing tape - the feed and output side of the screw-fastening parts of the inspection doors
  • A rotary feeders can also be made of rubber or plastic consumption of the rotor blades